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I would *love* to develop web applications
for your product or concept that will simplify
usability and engage users appropriately.
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Publication Date: November 2013

Myself, Michael Prewitt, and Matt Laufer teamed up to create this formal, eazy-breezy company site for Swiss Croon advertising and design out in Royal Oak. HTML, CSS, and some Javascript were the tools used from my end of things.


Publication Date: May 01 2010

Designer Gomar2 employed development assistance for the re-launch of his portfolio site, gomar2.com. We used Django as a framework to establish the connection between database driven content and fluid URL/page system. Using Gomar's pre-determined brand as a design guide, the site consists of HTML, CSS and some Python over a MySQL database and Apache server.

Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit

Publication Date: Sep 04 2010

Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit. Summer 2010 exhibit identity and design including invitational mailer, gallery guide, newsletter, and special newspaper as part of exhibit. Printed in Michigan. Spot printing.


Publication Date: Jan 26 2011

A community site for Ypsilanti, Michigan based basketball league Common Bond Basketball; we utilized the open source development framework, "Joomla". Responsibilities on this project included CSS, HTML and some PHP configuration. This is my first public site which includes a registration function as well as event calendar and payment system, all implemented through Joomla's open source extension library.


Publication Date: Jul 01 2008

Tripledose, the downriver Detroit design group worked with me to create this website. It includes a custom Wordpress template and of course work in HTML, CSS and some pre-written Javascript.

Copper Harbor Boat Works

Publication Date: Nov 10 2007

The Copper Harbor Boat Works of Michigan was an early venture into brand identification for me. With that established we constructed the website like a veteran wood craftsman constructs a high quality wooden boat, utilizing HTML and CSS. There is some PHP sprinked in as well as some pre-written Javascript for the photo tour.


Hello, my name is Jacob North, I create great looking graphic design
that is user centric so it is conductive to success. I enjoy working
on projects with RightBrain Networks, Binary Sushi & Gomar2.

So why hire me?

  • • I have a BFA from the College for Creative Studies
  • • I have been developing interactive design for the past 4 years
  • • I work well with clients and other designers

{if you are a designer in need of a developer I'd love to work with you}

Interested in talking about what I can do for you?




What is process work? Process work allows us to really wrap our heads around what it is that you need. It is a systemic method to distill down ideas and get the best work possible out of myself.

  • Sip some coffee and listen.

    By simply listening to you I can begin to understand what you are trying to accomplish and how I can develop a solution to your unique problem.
  • Hit the Books.

    I learn about your company and it's competition from all aspects. I create a strategy for the next phase.
  • Ideation & exploration.

    Exploration and play results in new ideas. The more ideas, the better your project becomes.
  • the end.

    Armed with our new found knowledge and fresh new design direction I make your new design a reality. You smile and I clap my hands.

frequently asked


How much does graphic design cost?

Graphic design may not be as expensive as you may think. Each design is unique and cost varies. I am a hard worker, and I love what I do so you only end up paying for what the work is worth.

Why are web standards important?

Web standards are important because they ensure a long lasting lifetime of your website. Internet browsers update frequently as they improve, and the World Wide Web Consortium makes sure that web code designed to format, displays correctly in every browser that is built to standard as they almost all are now and into the future.

What is process work?

Work that unfolds according to a process is how projects become successful. We brainstorm, research then make the decisions that will determine the outcome of the project's details (in the form of a style guide). No idea or decision is made that would distrupt the style guide is allowed after a certain point, ensuring that the project maintains the consistency of a credible brand.

Are you willing to work for free?

If you are part of a worth while thing, contact me. I am a good natured human who dabbles in good will since I'm so rich - spiritually speaking :P